Vintage LL Bean Catalogs

LL Bean is one of those brands that has been around forever (1912 ), but is a much different company now than it was then, for better or worse- I’ll let you be the judge.  Anyhow this posting isn’t about the history of LL Bean, but more a look into their old catalogs, which were undeniably pieces […]

Cramerton Khaki Army Cloth

Cramerton Type 1 Army Cloth was first manufactured in 1929 for the US Army by Cramerton Mills. Cramerton Mills was based in Cramerton, NC, which was a town created specifically for textile mills and the workers who worked in them.  The Mill had been around since 1906, originally known as Mayes Mill, the name was […]

Hasami Blockmug

It’s unfortunate that it’s so rare to find a product that functions exactly how you want it to.  Hasami’s Blockmug Big fits that rare category, at least for myself.  The colors and finishes are subtly excellent as well as the shape which stacks into one another reducing cabinet clutter and freeing up space.   They remind me of Mid […]